Space Invaders Arcade Repair

Space Invaders Arcade Repair

I recently bought a really cool vintage Space Invaders arcade cabinet. It looks great. It’s in amazing shape for being 43 years old. However, the electronics side of it left a little to be desired. In this post we’re going to do a Space Invaders arcade repair and bring this cabinet back to life! Space […]

Space Invaders Pinout

Space Invaders Pinout Hero

I recently restored a Midway Space Invaders cabinet that had numerous issues with the motherboard set. It was acting very flaky. I thought I would share some of the information starting with the Space Invaders Pinout. The board I dealt with was a Space Invaders Deluxe board. The Space Invaders pinout can vary between brands […]

The Best Arcades in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

The Best Arcade in DFW - The Best DFW Arcades - Arcade Road Trip - Arcades Near Me

Some friends and I recently went on an “Arcade Road Trip”, with the goal to find the absolute best arcades in Dallas/Fort Worth! We visited as many arcades as we could in just a single day. Not only was it a blast, but we met a lot of super fantastic people along the way. Some […]

PETSCII Robots Arcade Cabinet Build

PETSCII Robots Arcade Cabinet

If you’re not familiar with a game called Attack of the PETSCII robots, it is a game created by my brother The 8-Bit Guy. It is a strategy game with a sci-fi theme, and plays somewhat similar to the Ultima games created by Richard Garriott although with many differences. PETSCII is the name of the […]

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart

Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart Title

If you’re a maker, or at all into hobbies that require measuring things, a fraction to decimal conversion chart come in very handy. These charts allow you to quickly convert between fractions and their decimal equivalents in both inches and millimeters (imperial and metric). Fraction to Decimal Conversion Chart We’ve created this awesome and super […]

MAME Cabinet – Buy or Build One!

MAME Cabinet

Anyone who loves retro arcade games should consider a MAME cabinet. You can buy great cabinets or build your very own for not much money!

Arcade Button Labels

We’ve tried many ways of creating arcade button labels over the years. Originally we used a Cricut hobby vinyl cutter and made our labels, then someone mentioned we could try a P-Touch printer and that worked OK. And of course we tried ordering arcade button labels from the internet and that turned out to be […]

The Best Arcade Stool

The Best Arcade Stool

Looking to buy an arcade stool? Look no further than our breakdown of the best arcade stools before you decide! They are not created equal!